Setting Our Compass, Part 4


    Suzanne Crough


    So good to see God’s faithfulness in starting your church back up! Can I get sermon notes, past ones as well? Family matters in NY have are keeping me north till mid June. I’m looking forward to attending when I return home to FL. I attended your other church twice and started in small groups then left when you and your wife did as well. Praying God’s continued guidance, provision and blessings for Compass Bible Church.

      John Secrest

      Hi Suzanne, sorry I did not respond to this sooner! So glad to hear from you! I’ll be praying for your family matters, hope all is OK. Look forward to seeing you in June! Are you looking for the sheets for taking notes that we distribute in the service? All the sermon videos are online. Let me know specifically what you would like.


    Dear Pastor John
    ….visiting Naples for 4 months & feel led to visit your church. May I ask if you will be giving any baptisms before May 2020 ? Thankyou for your response

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